“At first, drivers were shy, but now they are clamoring for the fuel cell trucks. Some even come in early for their shift because of it.”

Thomas Ziegler, Business Manager, DB Schenker, Linz

E-LOG Biofleet I/II

Lighthouse of electromobility in a logistics fleet application with range extender using biomethane with climate-relevant model effect

Cooperative research project


Project partner
Linde Fördertechnik GmbH
OMV Refining & Marketing GmbH
Fronius International GmbH
HyCentA Research GmbH
DB Schenker
Joanneum Research F.-GmbH

Funding under the “Technological Lighthouses of Electromobility” program of the Austrian Federal Climate and Energy Fund

Project duration
E-LOG-Biofleet: 1.6.2010 to 30.5.2014
ELOGII: 1.7.2014 to 30.6.2016

Project description
In the world’s largest market for electric drives, the industrial truck sector, the innovative use of a range extender in the form of a hydrogen-powered fuel cell represented a technological leap forward in improving the operating behavior, customer benefits and environmental compatibility of the vehicles. Following the construction of two test vehicles, a demonstration fleet of 10 industrial trucks was put into operation at an industrial end user. The range extenders are supplied with hydrogen from biomethane, with indoor refueling being implemented for the first time in Austria. The project allows the expansion of Austrian technology leadership in the field of range extenders for logistics applications as well as the implementation of the entire value chain from the development and production of components in the drive, storage system, overall vehicle and infrastructure to maintenance and service in Austria. Due to its transferability and expandability to general automotive transport systems, the lighthouse project exerts a climate-relevant model effect on electromobility as a whole.


Fronius International GmbH
Dr. Ewald Wahlmüller

Günter Fronius Street 1
4600 Wels-Thalheim / Austria
Phone: +43 (7242) 241-5100

Email: wahlmueller.ewald@fronius.com
Web: www.fronius.com

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