Herbst builds logistics center for Bosch / fuel cell series production

Article DVZ German Transport Newspaper

The family-owned company Herbst Logistik has begun construction of a property for a Bosch plant in the Bavarian port of Bamberg. According to the manufacturer, on the one hand it needs more space, and on the other hand the current logistics hall will no longer be available from 2022. Last year, Bosch had already announced the start of series production of the stationary fuel cell for 2024. The heart of the fuel cell, the so-called stacks, are manufactured at the Bamberg plant. This new product is much larger and heavier than the existing products. The manufacturer will rent the hall from Herbst and operate it on its own. The companies do not provide any information on the amount of the investment.

Herbst Logistik already has three locations in the Bavarian port of Bamberg. For the new logistics center, Bayernhafen, owner of the ports in Aschaffenburg, Bamberg, Nuremberg, Roth, Regensburg and Passau, combined three areas to create a site area of 2.7 hectares. In the first construction phase, the Herbst company will realize around 10,000 square meters of hall space as well as office and social areas by the first quarter of 2022. The second construction phase with an additional 7,000 square meters of hall space is scheduled for completion by mid-2023, according to Bosch. “In recent years, we have succeeded in developing our company from a pure transporter to a logistics real estate provider with now nine locations in Upper Franconia,” says Frank Herbst, managing director of Spedition Herbst.

According to Bosch, the new logistics center will have a pallet rack warehouse with 9,000 storage spaces. In the future, the Group will manage the plant’s supply chains from suppliers to customers and within the international Bosch manufacturing network from the port of Bamberg. According to the manufacturer, 185 employees in the warehouse and office will ensure that the plant, its sister plants and customers are supplied with materials and finished products. (cs)

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