Toyota Industries Corporation selected for 2019 CDP A rating on climate change

Toyota Industries Corporation (TICO) receives an A rating from CDP for the second year in a row. This means that the maximum rating, in the climate change surveys conducted by the CDP, was once again achieved. Toyota Material Handling Europe, Toyota’s European material handling company, has successfully implemented measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and combat climate change.

Toyota Material Handling Europe has continuously contributed to achieving the CO2 targets of Toyota Industries Corporation. One example is the use of carbon-neutral biogas at Toyota Material Handling Manufacturing Sweden in Mjölby, which resulted in zero carbon emissions in 2019. The plant is the first in the TICO Group to achieve this goal. It was also named the most sustainable company of the year by Tekniska Verken for its many initiatives.

Toyota Material Handling Europe hereby demonstrates that for companies willing to innovate, low-carbon technologies can be both available and affordable. The A rating for the second year in a row shows that these initiatives are being recognized and rewarded.

“In our 2019 Sustainability Report, we listed that CO2 emissions from in-house work processes (factories and sales companies) in Europe have increased by 0% since 2012. Sales have increased by 54% over the same period. We are working towards further CO2 reductions. For example, we have committed to sourcing 100% of our electricity from renewable sources from 2020. This will lead to a further 15% reduction in emissions,” explains Tom Schalenbourg, Sustainable Development Director at Toyota Material Handling Europe.

Toyota Industries’ Sixth Environmental Action Plan

The Toyota Industries Group announced its targeted “ideal state in 2050” in March 2016 and set out its actions for the five years from FY2017 to FY2021 in its Sixth Environmental Action Plan (“Sixth Environmental Action Plan”), which is currently being implemented.

Based on this plan, the company is taking the following initiatives:
1. 10% reduction in CO2 emissions by FY2021 compared to FY 2006 (Toyota Industries Group).
2. reduce CO2 baseline unit for emissions by 26% by FY2021 compared to FY 2006 (Toyota Industries Group).
3. identify and minimize risks related to water resources at each production site.

In the future, the Toyota Industries Group will continue to address climate change as a key major issue. In addition, the company will contribute to the realization of a sustainable society through global environmental protection actions.

The CDP ratings were officially announced on January 20 at the release of CDP’s 2019 Japan Report. For more detailed information, please see the press release from Toyota Industries Corporation.

About CDP

CDP is a global non-profit charity founded in the United Kingdom in 2000 that works to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and protect water resources and forests by businesses and governments. In 2019, CDP conducted surveys and assessments of large global companies on behalf of 525 institutional investors (total assets under management: $96 trillion) and 125 companies and organizations (total acquisition costs: $3.6 trillion).


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