Bosch hydrogen offensive: Technology for climate-neutral factories and CO2-free traffic

Bosch pushes ahead with the development of a hydrogen economy

  • Bosch commissions first sector-coupled hydrogen cycle at Industrie 4.0 lead plant in Homburg.
  • Bosch Rexroth partners with Maximator Hydrogen to build 4,000 hydrogen refueling stations worldwide by 2030.
  • Bosch equips pilot customer Telekom with stationary fuel cells.
  • Bosch wants to develop components for electrolysers for hydrogen production.
  • Bosch establishes project house for industrialization of hydrogen activities.
  • Hanover Fair: Bosch presents technology for industrial hydrogen applications.

Stuttgart – Bosch is pressing ahead with the development of a hydrogen economy: “On the way to a climate-neutral future, we must enable energy-intensive industries to switch to renewable energies. Hydrogen is becoming a key element for security of supply,” says Bosch’s Rolf Najork, who is responsible for industrial technology and is the company’s head of manufacturing. Bosch offers technology for hydrogen use in various sectors: The company develops fuel cells for mobile and stationary applications, equips hydrogen filling stations with compressors, and produces hydrogen in its own plants. Bosch is also planning to enter the components business for electrolysers. “We’re taking hydrogen-based technologies out of the labs and into industrial reality – onto the roads and into the factories,” Najork says. With a newly founded project house, Bosch is making its hydrogen expertise available to other companies.

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